Moving office and want to remove and recycle unwanted items?

We help businesses recycle furniture & IT equipment in environmentally friendly way

Our office clearance service enables businesses to meet their environmental targets when faced with the removal and recycling of redundant furniture and IT equipment. We provide a cost effective alternative to landfill and we integrate this into your move plan from the very start.


The Whole Move Company provides a full spectrum of Office Clearance services for the recycling, reuse and resale of redundant furniture, IT and related office equipment. We provide a dedicated Project Manager to oversee all the various aspects of the office clearance; from waste & furniture recycling to incineration of documentation. We can also provide certification for destruction of sensitive documents.

Our first and foremost efforts would be to return best value on the resale of items where possible or we can help on donating those items to charities, schools and other community organisations. And if all of that is not possible, we will dismantle items into component parts for recycling by one of our approved recycling partner companies.

Office Furniture

You have office furniture which you no longer have use for? We can deal with that for you. We will initially assess to see if the furniture can be reused after refurbishment and if that is the case, we do fix the furniture and donate it to local charities.

IT Equipment

You have the IT & Telephony equipment which is outdated for you and no longer needed? Our expert technical team is available to you for a secure and safe recycling of your IT equipment complying UK's WEEE directive and Controlled Hazardous Waste legislation.

Document Shredding

Moving office provides an opportunity to reduce and organise your paper data. Many companies have confidential files and folders which they want handled and destroyed securely. We have expertise to securely deal with such documents and provide you certificate of destruction at the end.

Data Destruction

Hard drives, USB drives or any other magnetic media that has your sensitive data stored requires careful handling of such unwanted storage components. We provide Data Wiping, Degaussing, Disk Crushing and Hard Drive Shredding services with a duty of care and trust.